Friday, April 20, 2007

Disappearing like snow and how recent events have changed the meaning of one of my stories

A story of mine, Like Snow, written long before I was ill is about to appear in the paperback anthology Read By Dawn 2, available now from The tale is a rather gentle ghost story in which mysterious, spirit-like figures appear without explanation. And do, well, nothing actually, except act as a kind of canvas onto which the characters project their own hopes, fears etc. It deals with the effect of this phenomenon on one little boy and his family and it's a story very much about loss and leaving.
The weird thing is, reading it over now in the light of my panceatic cancer diagnosis, it takes on a whole different meaning. It's quite weird. I can't really say too much more about it without murdering the story to dissect the meaning but it's had quite a profound effect on me.
Anyway, you might like to check it out. And, if you enter the promo code 'blood' online, you can even save £3 off the cover price. That's $6 in today's money.
Still pain free, still sleeping well. Had my first visit from the home care nurse and found her very caring and reassuring.
Check back soon.



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