Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Trust nobody - sepecially me. Or, why dying gives me absolutely no greater insight into anything else than anyone else

Much as I would like to claim - as many have - than when I came to be told of my own death, the scales fell from my eyes and I attained wisdom and enlightenment....Naw. Sorry. Didn't happen. The live-every-minute thing happened but I can hardly claim that as a deep insight into the meaning of the cosmos. I'm as much a pilgrim as I ever was. In fact, you could argue with taking medication etc, I'm less likely to have anything meaningful to say than ever before.
And, of course, I'm writing about myself, a subject on which it is impossible for me to be in any way objective. I'm as deluded, egotistical and self-deceiving as everyone else, including you.
I just happen to be dying. Then again, so are you.



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