Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Chemo and chocolate

Had my chemotherapy at Letterkenny Hospital yesterday. Last week's was called off because my platelets (sp?) were low after the last session. Glad to feel that something is going in to bat against the bugger even if, at this stage, we don't know if the treatment will help, make things worse or just be ineffective.
As they're not able to detroy the cancer with chemo, they're not blasting me with it. This should minimise the side effects. So, I won't lose hair. (Who am I kidding, I mean more hair.) I didn't feel sick although I was conscious of some pain. Nevertheless, even that could be psychosomatic: Ive noticed that once you start looking for pain, it's pretty easy to find.
Blood sugar levels were up so I've to go to the Drs in an hour or so and get them checked again as I might be diabetic as well. See, that's a bugger. If I have only this time left, I don't think I should have to deny myself Kit Kats. Can the universe really be so cruel>



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