Sunday, June 10, 2007

Birthdays, radio and sunshine in Donegal

Yesterday was my wife's birthday. I kinda don't want to go into this too much. My wife and son deserve some privacy in this blog, it was my decision to write it, not theirs. But, like school sports day, it as one of those very bittersweet experiences. In normal circumstances, events like these tend to make you nostalgic. But for me and my wife, you can't help projecting forward and wondering about next year.
Anything that involves looking at the future is very perilous for someone in my position. The only way to really handle it is to try and live as much in the moment as possible. I know this can sound a bit new-agey, Power-of-Now-ish but it really is a common feature you find in all sorts of spiritual teachers. Not least of all Jesus, who told us to "take no thought for tomorrow for you know not what tomorrow will bring." Did I ever discover the truth of that! See, that's what I mean about the relevance I've been finding in spiritual stuff. It's not in the theology, it's in the practical stuff that people with more insight than you and I try to tell us about who we can live valid lives. And that's what interests me, not heaven, hell, resurrection, reincarnation, any of that.
As regards sunshine in Donegal, we're actually having some really stunning weather here. I know that you'll think it's the drugs kicking, but this little Inishowen penisula really is a very special place and in the's just breathtaking. Another good thing to store away for the times to come.
I was in hospital when it happened so I wasn't able to put in an entry on my appearance on BBC Radio 5 Live. In fact, I did the interview on my mobile phone in the corridor of the oncology ward of Letterkenny hospital so, if omeone's heart monitor conked out elsewhere in the hospital, I'm the one to blame. The presenter, Chris Vallance, was really kind about the blog and you can check out what he had to say at:
If you're interested in blogs at all, pods and blogs is really worth listening to.
Anyway, a cop of hot chocolate and some morphine awaits.
See you later.


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